Make an Impact. Invest in Sustainable farms with as little as GHC 200

Capital is what sustainable agriculture needs in order to scale up. Help sustainable farmers complete farming seasons successfully, connect communities with little access to healthy fresh food and transition farmland to organic, regenerative systems.

Your impact helps farmers start and complete a farming season and improve their livelihoods.

Who We Are

We are an impact based marketplace lending that provides individuals and communities with opportunities to support sustainable farming and agriculture. Users can earn new income by investing in local farms and their assets with as little as 200 (GHC) invested in a farm project or season.

In Brief

Founded in May of 2018. Based in New York. StockLyft is A platform where farmers can crowdfund their farm season/project from impact-driven lenders. Developed in Accra, Ghana and incorporated in the US.


Our mission is
to increase the value of local farming.

Building an inclusive farming ecosystem for individuals and households to invest in producing organic and healthy farm produce from our shared-farms to make prices relatively cheaper/affordable.

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Local Sustainable Farmers are in Need of Your Support

Partner with progressive farmers, help them grow their operations and income, and put them in a position where they have the financial resources to have good yields every season.

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