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Increase Your CSA Shares Sales
Connect with investors who want to see you grow. Season
after season.

Manage your CSA Shares Subscriptions.

Agriculture is advancing, and the demand for fresh, healthy, sustainable food is increasing everyday. So why not connect to consumers easily? Manage your CSA Shares subscriptions on Stocklyft


The Community wants to watch you grow.

You know what you’re doing when it comes to farming, and people want to see you succeed. Stocklyft connects individuals and communities with opportunities to support sustainable farming and agriculture.

Increase your CSA Shares Sales

Connect with community members who enjoy fresh farm produce from your farms. Season after season.


Always know what you'll be getting.

Once you're setup, instantly withdraw payments or deposit into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Productive CSA Shares

Reach more community members on StockLyft.

CSA Shares

Farm Pickups

Impact Driven Load

Doorstep Delivery

* Card processing fees for CSA Shares are included in the 7% platform fees

* Farmers pay $60.00 annually for bank & identity verification and compliance

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1000+ eco-conscious consumers!

Sell your CSA Shares to members looking for organic farmers in their communities.

Promoting Local Farming Businesses.

Impact-driven community members on StockLyft are supporting local regenerative farmers.

Analytics and Reporting.

Run every farming season efficiently with StockLyft’s analytics and reporting feature.

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Dont Just sustain. Scale

List your farm today and expand your CSA Membership from the public through each farming season - Increase your yields, grow your business, ensure every season is better than the last.

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